SqlDbx Personal Edition

SqlDbx Personal Edition is a free version of the Professional Edition, and is for personal non-commercial use. It does not have time limit or nagging screens. See table below for difference between SqlDbx editions.

You can use SqlDbx Personal Edition in a commercial environment for evaluation purposes for period of 3 months


Click here to download latest version of SqlDbx Personal


If you wish you can download latest SqlDbx Personal development build. Usually it has new features or bug fixes since last official release.

For list of changes please visit SqlDbx Forum


Click here to download latest development build of SqlDbx Personal


Differences between SqlDbx editions

Number of open connections1Unlimited
Number of open script windows2Unlimited
Number of Result tabs2Unlimited
Unicode support NoYes
Native x64 VersionNoYes
Localized VersionsNoYes
Save / Load session stateNoYes
Query execution planNoYes
Command line argumentsNoYes
DB2 for z/OSNoYes
DB2 for iSeriesNoYes
Sybase IQNoYes

Supported DBMS Systems

  • Oracle ® 8i - 12c
  • Microsoft ® SQL Server 6.5 - 2016
  • Microsoft ® Azure
  • IBM DB2 LUW ® 7.x - 10.x
  • IBM DB2 z/OS ® 7.x - 10.x
  • IBM DB2 iSeries ® 5.x - 7.x
  • Sybase ASE ® 10.x - 16.x
  • Sybase Anywhere ® 9.x - 12.x
  • Sybase IQ ® 12.5 - 16.x
  • MySQL ® 5.x
  • PostgreSQL ® 8.2.x - 9.x.x
  • Informix ® 9.x - 11.x
  • Teradata ® 12.x - 14.x
  • Kdb+ ®
  • Apache Hive
  • ODBC 3.0 compliant sources